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Exhibiting in International Seminar on Reliable Data Acquisition System for IWRM at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Pune, India on 7th Nov to 8th Nov, 2016. Please visit us at Booth No: 19.
Exhibiting in Meteorological Technology World Expo at Madrid, Spain on 27th Sep to 29th Sep, 2016. Please visit us at Booth No: 7075.
Exhibiting in Bengaluru SPACE EXPO 2016 at Bengaluru from 1st Sep to 3rd Sep, 2016. Please visit us at Booth No: B-13.
KAL privileged by ISRO Know-How transfer of Space Qualified Gold Plating on Aluminium Alloy 6061 T6 & Kovar.
Signed MoU with ISRO for Satellite based Reporting Terminal, Portable Multimedia Terminal, Mobile Radio and Broadcast Receiver on 26th October, 2015 at Ahmedabad.

AWS Data Logger DLAWSKM3

  aws-data-logger-dlawskm3-pct1-208 .pdf  [ Download ]
The Data Logger for Remote AWS (Automatic Weather Station) is designed as a very compact, modular, rugged, powerful and low-cost system and housed in a small self-contained package. The other subsystems necessary to complete the RAWS are solar panel, sensors and a transmitter in addition to the installation mechanics and accessories. Sensors are available for many common parameters. The system is very power-efficient and allows long functional autonomy on a limited DC source. Logging in local memory and transmission of data from remote stations can be completely scheduled with several protocols supported. Most common installation sites are remote, and the installation is usually mast borne. The logger usually is installed in a NMEA 4 long-life plastic outdoor enclosure.

Sensor Input
  • KomBus (KDS Series Smart Sensors from Komoline).
  • Voltage Inputs for Analog Sensors
  • SDI-12 Compatible Inputs
  • 1-Wire Compatible Inputs
  • Counting and Frequency Inputs
All inputs can be translated into engineering units by flexible gain and offset transfer-function that can be user-set.

All major types of sensors are supported
  • Microprocessor Based Low-Power Functionality
  • Sensor Power Keying for Power Conservation
  • GPS Based RTC
  • Deep Storage Memory
  • Comprehensive Self-Tests
User Interface Options
  • Captive operator interface through the use of onboard display and keyboard
  • Support of control through a PC via serial/USB ports
  • Data retrieval through real-time transmission or PC
  • Offline retrieval through a thumb drive

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AWS Data Logger DLAWSKM3
Model#: DLAWSKM3
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