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Exhibiting in International Seminar on Reliable Data Acquisition System for IWRM at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Pune, India on 7th Nov to 8th Nov, 2016. Please visit us at Booth No: 19.
Exhibiting in Meteorological Technology World Expo at Madrid, Spain on 27th Sep to 29th Sep, 2016. Please visit us at Booth No: 7075.
Exhibiting in Bengaluru SPACE EXPO 2016 at Bengaluru from 1st Sep to 3rd Sep, 2016. Please visit us at Booth No: B-13.
KAL privileged by ISRO Know-How transfer of Space Qualified Gold Plating on Aluminium Alloy 6061 T6 & Kovar.
Signed MoU with ISRO for Satellite based Reporting Terminal, Portable Multimedia Terminal, Mobile Radio and Broadcast Receiver on 26th October, 2015 at Ahmedabad.

Aerospace and Defence


Payload Fabrication

Komoline earmarks year 1995 as the beginning specialized business in the company’s history- Hi Reliability Engineering. The humble beginning in high reliability electronics fabrication blossomed into a resource that forms a significant part of the organization operations: in-house design, development, test and manufacturing for Hi-reliability (space and defence applications).

Starting early and taking a continual part in the fast growing Indian space programs has lead to consistent development in human as well as non-human high reliability engineering resources. These encompass design/development and manufacturing related skill sets and infrastructure.

The Past
Komoline has 15-year history of participation in the Indian space programs. The list of space missions for which Komoline had contributed includes the following Indian space missions:
  • Regular Communications Satellites: INSAT-4A,INSAT-4B,INSAT-4C,INSAT3D
  • Specialized Geosynchronous Satellites: GSAT-3,GSAT-4,GSAT-5
  • Complex Remote Sensing Satellites: RISAT-1,OCEANSAT-1
Designing and manufacturing for space necessitates the concurrent engineering of several special requirements: predefined qualified processes, screened and qualified raw material and testing auditing quality aspects of manufactured goods and also the processes and human resources. The stringent norms imposed by the space sector in India in this regard leave very little to “chance” and lead to the establishment of a remarkable and unique ensemble of materials processes and human resource pool for any agency contributing to it.

Komoline has delivered turn-key solutions at subsystem level in the areas of receiver chains, transmitters and high-density digital designs among other types. The types of payloads involved were varied – from standard communication transponders to some of the most sophisticated and complex space-borne radar systems, resulting in exposure to a variety of areas in space-borne electronics: low-frequency designs to Ku Band assemblies, precision baseband subsystems, high-density digital designs and, inter-domain implementation of the likes of integrating RF and digital, precision analog and digital.

Space qualified facility is established and subsystems delivered in the technological areas of PCB Assemblies including high-density fine pitch devices, MIC-based and MMIC-based RF Units, and multi-package subsystems with many types of interconnectivity options. Subsystems like Driver Amplifiers, Receivers, LOs, Beacon Source, Beacon SSPA, HYBRIDs, Up-Convertors, Payload Controllers etc. are delivered consistently in given schedules.

Manufacturing for space subsystems includes a significant ground segment of engineering in the form of test, measurement and audit systems for the realized equipment. Komoline has delivered custom made Automated Test Equipments and Simulators for Payload test and check-out. Some of the equipments are GPS Simulator, S-Level ASIC tester, DDS based 16 Channel RF Synthesizer, INSAT Telemetry-Telecommand Simulator (TCTM), TR Module controller Check-out system etc.

The Present
Komoline has a suite of infrastructural components that are necessary in high-reliability fabrication. These include Temperature/Humidity controlled Clean Room with Class 100 Workbenches work areas that are periodically audited. Well-Equipped and Fabrication and Assembly Areas with well-maintained tooling is part of the operations. Test Areas has generic and project specific instrumentation.

The most important asset of the Company, however, is the ensemble of highly trained and motivated workforce. This prized possession of Komoline includes over 40 technicians working at different levels and 18 graduate or higher qualified engineers in addition to support staff, all of whom speak the language of manufacturing for space and defence.

The expertise of Komoline includes the domains of RF and Microwave, Complex Digital Designs based on FPGAs and Microcontrollers (and often Co-design), CPCI based high speed processing and communication systems using industry standard design and development environments. Also established are mechanical design environments with a seamless, proven, design through manufacturing CAE interface with mechanical fabrication facilities certified for space work in India.

The Future
The future business plans of Komoline include a significant portion of aerospace and military engineering lines, and consequently the Company has a commitment to expanding the tangible and intangible resources to this end. Komoline also continues seek improvements in processes and procedures, materials and manufacturing and designs and development to make high reliability engineering more effective and efficient.

Komoline has invested in a fully automated selective laser SMT assembly system and Selective through-hole laser soldering system, catering to the special requirement of space fabrication for partial assembly, incremental assembly and rework intermixed with stages of testing.

The future plans of Komoline are in tune with the estimated explosive growth of the Indian space applications industry in the coming decades. Komoline has a firm plan for erecting a complete one-roof Integrated Payload Fabrication Facility. This facility will enable turn-key production of space payload and satellites with fast and efficient schedules enabling scientists to concentrate on new technologies.


SATCOM Applications

Komoline’s SATCOM Applications extend to manufacture of communication equipment used for disaster management, in Data Buoys & Tsunami Early Warning Systems, and by the Border & Coastal Security Services.

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